Repurposing Buildings

Vertical Crop Growing

Vertical crop growing opens up the opportunity to grow almost anything, even in Scotland! LettUs Grow uses aeroponic systems for indoor growing. Aeroponics has a 70% increase in growth rate over hydroponics, needs no pesticides, uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture, and can be set up anywhere in the world! Their Modular Aeroponic Farm can be placed in a barn or any underused indoor space.

LettUs Grow Modular Aeroponic Farm

Vertical Future specialises in building or repurposes buildings for high-tech, automated farming systems.

Crate to Plate uses repurposed shipping containers to grow year-round spinach, kale, lettuce, herbs and microgreens. They are looking for more places to put their containers.

Mushroom Growing

Green Grow in Moray grows mushrooms and mycelium in refurbished shipping containers using waste coffee grounds as the growing medium. They use waste heat from a well-known Speyside distillery to create the microclimate for growing! Green Grow has a few more refurbished containers and provide training for anyone wishing to give this a try.

Storage Space Rental

Buildings can be repurposed to overwinter motorhomes & caravans; domestic storage.

Renting the Space

Barns and outbuildings can be repurposed for ceilidhs, concerts, exercise classes or workshops

Wedding Venue

GG’s Yard is a stunning example of a Scottish rural wedding venue!

GG’s Yard

Meeting Venue

Farm buildings can work great when repurposed to become meeting venues, regardless of whether the building is big or small. At Tombreck, the Big Shed facility is a great space for local community groups and one-off private and public events.

Photo: The Big Shed, Tombreck

Children’s Holiday Club

An old barn could be revamped for a number of different indoor children’s activities such as a games hall, arts and crafts space, adventure/trampoline/inflatable park, climbing centre, and much more.

Gin Distilling

Established in 2018, The Wee Farm Distillery is a micro distillery in South Lanarkshire which produces Drover’s Gin.

Pet Boarding Facilities

Farm buildings can be transformed into accommodation for a variety of pets, whose owners need them to be looked after for a day or longer. Enclosed outdoor areas also make a great addition to the animals’ stay and may be a necessity depending on the animal.

Photo: Birdston Luxury Kennels

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