Leafu: what this novel food could mean for Scottish agriculture

One of the key issues with transitioning to stock-free agriculture in Scotland is that approximately 86% of the total land area is classified as Less Favoured Area (LFA), which means that growing human-edible crops is often severely disadvantaged if not completely impracticable (Scottish Government, 2019). While there are other alternatives like ecosystem restoration and farm…

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Farmers’ Survey Video

Farmers’ Survey Video Anyone can watch the video part of the survey intended for active farmers and crofters. The results of the survey will be published on the Farmers for Stock-Free Farming website and shared with other organisations including governmental and media to understand and support the needs of farmers and crofters while they adapt…

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Artisan Growers to Move

Artisan Growers to Move From the Press and Journal: Aberdeenshire farmers The Artisan Grower to move to new home on hotel estate and revive historic walled gardens The Artisan Grower near Kirkton in Aberdeenshire will move five miles up the road to their new 10-acre farm which will be housed on Pittodrie House Hotel Estate.…

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Balnamoon Croft

Funded in part by the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods project, the croft is home to over 10,000 trees: elder, rowan, willow, hazel, ash, aspen, poplar, birch, holly, hawthorn, oak and Scot’s pine.

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